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Mecanizados Busquí, SL develops and produces all phases of mold production from tooling or tooling, through injection, microperforation and subsequent machining.

Our mold is the only one made in one piece adapting both internal and external measures of the mold to the needs of the client.

Our exclusive design allows to obtain a better cleaning avoiding the accumulation of residues in welds or assemblies and at the same time more durability since being of a single piece we do not have weak points.

The result is that we can provide the customer with personalized attention in any project that he wishes to carry out.


We develop Exclusive Frames adapting them to the dimensions of the mold and the type of cheese that the client wishes, always taking into account the most suitable for a better desuere and closing of the cheese crust, although the diversity of frames supposes a greater investment in Research and Development by M. Busquí SL

The result is a well-closed cheese with a minimum level of marking giving the appearance of having done it with cloth.



The plastic material is internally formed by diamond-shaped molecules, giving it its own characteristics: elasticity, density and resistance.

From our experience and studies, we have selected a type of plastic that, after microperforation, creates a minimum burr and maintains the micropore diameter over time.

For more efficiency, our microperforation is carried out at an angle of 45º avoiding the breakage of the chemical chain of our raw material and the consequent breakage of the mold.

Likewise, our Technical Department can adjust the diameter of the microperforation between 0.4 – 0.8 mm. Depending on the type of cheese that the client wishes to obtain.

Translated into practice, our microperforation method provides greater durability and mechanical stability.


We can inject our molds in both PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene), always thinking about the most suitable material for the mold that the customer needs.

The quality of both materials is high-end, completely virgin and supplied by multinationals such as Basf, BP and Shell.

The two types of plastic are suitable for coming into contact with food in compliance with the regulations of the EEC and Spanish AT THE TIME THAT NORMATIVE 3A OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.



Busquí can create a unique matrix for your cheese. In this way, we can engrave the logo or brand you want in the mold.

Currently, establishing the traceability of cheese production is becoming something necessary both to guarantee the quality of the products and to be competitive with other similar brands. Therefore, Busquí offers you many identities, thanks to a large assortment of shapes and colors, whether standard or customized to your brand.
We propose sequential numbering, adaptable to your type of manufacturing and also the new Data Matrix format, innovative in the market and that works as a barcode.


Cheese producers usually encounter the problem that by acquiring a new mold, their cheese tends to stick to its walls, hindering the demoulding and in many occasions causing the cheese to finally break.

As pioneers in this field, we have developed an exclusive chemical treatment that provides smoothness to the wall of the mold avoiding the breakage of the cheese during the demoulding and systematically applying it in each order thinking about the needs of the client.


Why choose our moulds?

  • Custom Cheese Moulds.
  • Materials of the highest quality.
  • A passion for delivering cheese with the perfect shape.
  • Tips and support for life.
  • Worldwide delivery and support.