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For over fifty years, Mecanizados Busquí SL. has been dedicated to the manufacture of moulds for cheeses.

The experience acquired during these years has allowed us to perfect and create systems and models of moulds that are increasingly perfect and technologically advanced until we reached the innovative micro-perforated moulds, manufactured in one piece.

To do this, Busquí researches and develops projects to continuously improve the design of our products and the production process. As a result of this effort, all Busquí moulds have a one-year warranty.

As manufacturers, we offer a comprehensive service which includes the technical advice necessary for the adaptation of our moulds to the needs of each client and their manufacturing systems, and the supply of the appropriate cleaning products for proper maintenance.

Our team, made up of professional experts, personally takes care of the implementation of our products and guarantees their effectiveness.

The challenge of Busquí SL is to continue growing to offer more and more perfect moulds to all our customers.

Search internationally

Currently Busquí has several international collaborators spread throughout the world.

Thanks to the joint work we have reinforced our presence abroad.


Why choose our moulds?

  • Custom Cheese Moulds.
  • Materials of the highest quality.
  • A passion for delivering cheese with the perfect shape.
  • Tips and support for life.
  • Worldwide delivery and support.